Bunny Bag

These adorable Easter bunnies can hold Easter treats, or just serve as decorations.  If you keep the decorations simple, even young children can make this Easter craft.  Older children will enjoy making elaborate faces, clothing, and accessories for the bunnies.  We used lunch bags for these bunnies, but we've made larger bunnies from regular paper grocery bags.  They hold more treats!


You will need:

1.  Paper lunch bag

2.  Marker

3.  Glue

4.  Cotton ball (optional)

5.  Bits of colored paper for decorating (optional)

Cut out the ears

Note:  If you want a colored bunny, just paste a piece of paper to the front and back of the back.  Trim it so the edges are even with the bag.

1.  Cut out ear shapes on the top of the bag.

 Clean up the back and sides of the bunny 2.  Cut the excess paper off the back and sides of the bunny bag.  Set the cut pieces aside.  You can use them to make feet later.
 Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth on the bunny bag  3.  Draw the face on your bunny.  You can also cut out paper features from colored paper and them paste them in place.
 Attach two big paper feet 4.  Use the extra paper to make your bunny feet.  You can use a seperate sheet of paper to make bigger feet, if desired.
 Use the cotton ball to give the bunny a fluffly tail  5.  If you have a cotton ball, paste it on the back of the bunny to make a fluffy tail.
Add bows or any other finishing touches!  You have a cute bunny bag to enjoy.  Two cute Easter bunnies!

The Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny is a mythical rabbit who brings baskets full of candy, colored eggs, and toys to children on Easter.  The tradition of the Easter bunny was brought to the United States by German immigrants.  Why the bunny became a symbol of Easter is not known.  Why he or she brings candy and eggs is known. 

Traditionally, many religious groups fast for 40 days before Easter.  In older days, they did not eat sweets, meat, or eggs.  Hence, it was part of the great celebration of Easter to eat these delicious foods again! 


These cute little bunnies are perfect Easter decorations. You can even use them instead of Easter baskets.

You won't have any trouble convincing children to eat these carrots!

An adorable pink bunny to crochet for Easter