Halloween Skeleton Cookies

You probably have a gingerbread man cookie cutter.  This Halloween, use it to make these fantastic skeleton cookies.  Painting the skeleton onto the cookie with a brush and frosting is fun, easy, and requires no decorating experience or equipment.  This makes it a great project for children.  If you want a neater finish, you can use a decorating tube and a stiff frosting.

 What you need:

1.  Cookie dough

2.  A gingerbread man cookie cutter

3.  Powdered sugar and water

4.  Paintbrush

5.  Chocolate chips




 Step 1.

Make your favorite gingerbread or sugar cookies.  Bake them and let them cool.

Meanwhile, mix powdered sugar and water to make a frosting the texture of paint. 


 Step 2.

Use the paintbrush to paint the skeleton on the cookie.  Start with the backbone, then add a shoulder bone, hip bone, and two ribs.  Next add the legs and arms.

   Step 3.

Give the cookie a skull.  Chop the chocolate chips into small pieces.  Use these pieces to give the skull eyes and a mouth.

Store you cookies in an airtight container until you are ready to eat them.  They make a delicious Halloween treat.

You might think that all skeletons have the same number of bones, but they don't.  Adults have fewer bones than babies, because some bones fuse together as the child ages.  Most adults have 206 bones, although there are different methods of counting.  Some listings include 270 bones! 


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