Lacy Paper Fan

Paper fans are an easy project, and young children will love folding them.  We added a decorative trim to this fan, but you can easily leave it out if you are making this craft with a child too young to handle the scissors.

You will need:

1.  A piece of paper, plain or fancy

2.  Scissors

3.  Tape

4.  A pencil

5.  A ruler

6.  Ribbon (optional)

 A white paper fan with a yellow ribbon
Step 1.  Using the ruler and pencil, lightly mark a guideline 1/2 in. from the top of the paper.  You can skip this step and just guess if you aren't worried about precise folds or if you are working with younger children.
Step 2.  Fold the paper along this line.
Step 3.  Fold the paper back over itself.  Continue doing this, making 1/2 inch fold all along the paper.
Step 4.  Holding all the folds together, cut a triangle through the folds on one side of the paper, about one inch from the top.  Don't cut all the way through to the other side!

 Cut a second triangle, about 1/2 inch above the first one.

Step 5.  On the other side of the paper, cut a third triangle, in between the two on the other side.
Step 6.  Open your paper.
Step 7.  Gather the end of your fan together and tape it in place.  Add ribbons or flowers if you like!
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Facts about Paper Fans

Fans have been used for centuries, not only for cooling, but as fashionable accessories and ceremonial props.  The first folded paper fans were probably made in Japan, sometime between the 6th & 8th century. They were used not only for cooling oneself, but as dance props, ceremonial props, toys for children, and even as weapons!

Folded fans became wildly popular in Europe during the 17th and 18th century.   They were fashioned from precious materials and elaborately decorated.  A fan, like jewlery, could show the  owner's wealth and social status.  Today, fans are no longer fashionable, but they still carry an aura of by-gone romance.















This is a fun, colorful craft. The handprints and footprint make it especially cute.

"Whittle" plain soap into a festive holiday bar. Soap is soft enough to shape easily and this is a good project for kids because you don't need a sharp knife to cut the soap.

This little paper fan is a fun craft that young children will enjoy.