Delicate Snowflake Ornament

If you've ever wished you could crochet so that you could make a delicate snowflake ornament, try this Christmas ornament instead.  This snowflake ornament is made by wrapping string around pins to form a snowflake shape and using fabric stiffener on the string. 

You can starch the string with several methods.  Our favorite method is to dip the string as we wrap, which we describe.  However, you can wrap the string and then spray or brush the starch on with a paint brush. 

You will need:

1.  White string

2.  Fabric stiffener

3.  Snowflake pattern

4.  Bulletin board

5.  Wax paper

6.  Pins

7.  A small piece of ribbon (to hang the snowflake)

A snowflake ornament
PIns in a snowflake pattern

Step 1.  Set up the pattern for the snowflake ornament.

Print the pattern and place it on the bulletin board.  Cover it with a piece of wax paper.  Place pins around the base and tip of each point.

Dipping string into starch

Step 2.  Saturate the string with fabric stiffener.

Put some of the fabric stiffener in a small dish.  Unwind two or three feet of string and dip it into the dish.  As you start using the string, unwind more string and put it into the fabric stiffener.

Placing and blotting string

Step 3.  Wind the string to form the snowflake ornament.

Wind the string around the outside of the pins on the tip of each point and then around the inside of pins at the base of each point.  It sounds tricky, but just wrap the string around the pins so that it lies along the lines of the pattern.

If there appears to be extra glue, blot it.  Let the snowflake sit overnight while the fabric stiffener dries.

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Finishing the snowflake

Step 4.  Finish the snowflake.

Carefully remove the pins.  It can help to put your finger on the string at the base of each pin as you pull the pin out.  If the snowflake becomes warped as you remove the pins, put it under a heavy book for a few hours.

Add a loop of ribbon so you can hang your ornament on the tree!


A snowflake on a tree


Did you know?

Snowflakes are made from ice crystals.  All snowflakes have six sides, but no two snowflakes are exactly alike. 


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