Stand-up Handprint Turkey 

Would Thanksgiving be complete without a handprint turkey?  This clever stand-up version keeps the cute handprint, but adds some flair with tail feathers.  These make cute table centerpieces or work well as place markers.

You will need:


Brown paper

Red, yellow, and orange paper

Googly eyes

A toilet paper roll

Scissors and glue


Step 1. 

Trace a hand on the brown paper and cut it out.  Cut four ovals from the the colored paper.  Fold them in half and feather the edges.


Step 2.

Glue the feathers onto the turkey to make his tail.  Add an eye and beak.



 Step 3.

Cut a ring from the toilet paper roll.  You can cover it in colored paper if you like.


Step 4.

Cut a thin strip of cardboard from the toilet paper roll.  Glue it to the back if the turkey.  Leave the bottom half inch or so unglued.


Step 5. 

Put the turkey in front of the cardboard roll.  Put the cardboard strip on the inside of the roll and glue the turkey into place.  Finish the turkey by giving him some little feet.

At the first Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims and Indians may or may not have actually eaten turkey.  Wild turkey was certainly a part of their diet and may well have been part of the meal.  They might also have had goose, duck, pigeon, venison, and/or fish.   There would have been corn, but no mashed potatoes or pumpkin pie.


Every refrigerator needs a handprint turkey for Thanksgiving. Here is one that is a little bit different from the classic hand print cut out, but just as cute.

Give your cupcakes Thanksgiving flair with these little Pilgrim hats.

Cute and tasty, these little turkeys are a perfect fall craft. Use popcorn balls for the bodies and make the tails and heads with candy.